Striking off the last task on my to-do list, I was approached by a kid,

Her cycle’s pedal was broken,

She looked at me with an eye full of hopes that I would do something,

I just took out a new to-do list which she saw,

She did ask me what I would write on that,

I simply said “things you won’t understand”,

To which she replied “Things you never did, so you write them”,

I was amused, was it just a reply or something that I forgot to keep a check on,

I tore those pending task’s paper then and there itself,

Did carry her cycle to the mechanic,

When I understood what I was missing on,


We do forget basic necessities in our life, it’s nothing but “Love and Balance” in a nutshell. You might know how it feels when these two contrasting ends meet when you are at your best and your loved ones are happy too seeing you happy. We do observe ups and down’s in our respective lives, but do we lose hope so easily? Never!

We’re gifted with 24 hrs and the main concern here is, we consider 24 hrs has to give some output, but it doesn’t work in that manner. Sometimes we might finish some work which lasts us 48 hrs in just 24 hrs. It’s all about “RESET” that we forget about.

Every 24 hrs we forget to RESET ourselves for a new day, we carry the same attitude and past day memories forward which leads us to an endless cycle of regret and dismay. So, why do we lack creativity and why we get irritated quite often? The answer lies here.

Try to “RESET” yourselves a least of 3 times a week for a better tomorrow. I hope you find your “Horizon” soon.  Where your work-life balance meets. 


P.S: Do let me know what you think about this genre of the blog. I have been blogging for a long time and experimenting on various techniques that I have researched on and found a few amazing statistics which I would be sharing soon on this platform. Thank you for all your support ❤




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  1. It is apparent that you’ve reseached about the things you’ve written and it is that which makes the whole conception lucid to your reader’s.The pattern you’ve been utilizing in your writing commencing with an example is what stands as matchless and unique.Hope to read such amazing posts more!

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