Hold My Hand

Let me take you to a less known world,

It would be just you and me,

Let’s forget about this busy little world,

Let me add an extra cushion for you,

Let me fix your place in my life,

Let me be your everything,

Let me be the world you always dreamt about,

Let us create a new universe,

Let’s explore that tiny universe of ours post our hectic schedule,

Impossible and packed schedules,

Let me spend some time with you,

Just “Us” together, creating memories, photographing them in our eyes,

Let me listen to you over a call,ย 

You know, I’m a man of few words,

We, humans, try to prioritize tasks, which take up much of our time, but we forget to invest in ourselves. We are just lost in that busy little world whose creators are none other than “we” ourselves. It’s quite obvious that we need to satisfy by depending on a financial instrument (salary) but yes, we are gifted with 24 hours. So, here’s my calculation;

24 hours – 9 hours (office work/college) – 7 hours (sleep) – 2 hours (other activities)


6 hours (left)

Imagine, what wonders you can do in those 6 hours, An hour with loved ones feels like a year, so it’s never too late. Hope you find your way through your schedule with your loved ones. Not to forget, a one time meal is a least that an individual can have with his/her loved ones. Food does bring people together. And the outcome is “Lovely”.


P.S: My take on how people tend to forget about “how to differentiate between their personal and professional life”.ย 




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  1. The era of technology fabricated a machine out of us, running towards the glittery mountains of future,with blurry visions surrounding us,this is life and we’ve to run,in this round cycle of a life of repeatations of repeatations, our loved ones becomes our last priority, we observe everything but our own hands are attached to the chain of earning a livelihood.You’ve made an impressive calculation of how we can spend our time with our loved ones in our industrial choked lifestyle.

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