Script – A Writer in making

Let me tell you a story, not so happening but a story which will give you a lot of learning,

It all initiated with me seated on a pavement near the parking space,

Counselling a stranger on how “tough situations turn one into a better person”,

“Quite strange to hear intellectual lectures from a stranger!” She exclaimed,

We did talk about how the world works!

She was a fighter,

Her story comprised of heartbreaks and patching up,

She was one of a kind, Different and unique,

She would never be happy with what she had,

Always hustling, to find something special, to do something great,

She educated me about web series, which never existed for me,

And me educating her about planning & executing stuff,

My perspective did change over a few things,

Her perspective was unique and different,

I remember the drinks break,

She asked me what would I like to have,

I replied “Electrolytes”.

She couldn’t stop laughing for the next 5 minutes,

She asked me again,

This time I replied “fresh Lemon juice”

The talks between us had no end,

The event was about to end,

She bid me a bye with a suggestion,

She asked me to write, to write my ideas on paper and store them,

And I just can’t forget that statement,

The next thing I remember was me creating an account on WordPress and brainstorming for a domain name,

Well, this is My Part of Life, my space where I write about anything and everything!

I hope you found your part of Life too!

We all have been there, a place where we lost our speciality, our uniqueness, we were a part of the random crowd, finding our way through the so-called “mediocre” life. It just takes an ignition from our loved ones to follow our passion and trace-back where we left!

So, what are you thinking about? Grab that one diary of yours which still has tasks that never got striken off. Explore your hobbies, because life is not all about “earning”, it’s much about an “L” prefixed with “earning”, it’s about “Learning”.





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  1. The most enthralling thing about writing is that it is the articulation of almost every small to major incidents our life, the mise en scene of how your writing began with the publication of this blog is a beautiful route to invigorate readers and the young folks to follow their respected paths and to take the first leap of faith. Your concluding sentences are filled with a revelation.Bravo!

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