A Knight in a Shining Armour

It was an exhausting day,

After a hefty amount of hard work, I fell asleep,

And woke up near her, She was reading a book,

I could feel her hand on my forehead, She was making sure my body temperature was normal,

She thought I was still asleep,

How lucky I was to get her as my lovely better half,

Every single time I felt exhausted and would fall asleep on the sofa,

I ended up waking near to her on a bed,

I knew it was her who would put me to bed,

Nothing is perfect in this world, we too aren’t,

We fought, but we couldn’t continue it overnight,

Because we were back on the same side of the bed,

Me, wrapping her in my arms, I could see a smile at the corner of her face,

And then she turns towards me and says “It’s all about love, my love”,

There were times when I was broke, both financially and emotionally,

She did transform me into a much stronger person,

She made sure that “her love towards me” was never “my weakness”,

She made sure I was self-sufficient when it comes to handling emotions,

She was a perfect person, her flaws added beauty to her inner self,

She categorized me as “Overprotective” and “Over caring”,

But she knew, she was the only one I would trust when I’m in my deep sleep,

She was present not only during my tough times But also during the happy moments,

She saw every single emotion I ever possessed,

Time does fly,

And here am I, acting asleep beside her, enjoying her presence,

I wish the book she is reading never ends, I wish she always stays beside me,

And I always have a person who could put this workaholic person to bed!

Disclaimer: The above content has no relation with my “personal” life, it’s a hypothetical love story that I wrote for the so-called “V-day”. 

P.S: Single people out there (just like me), can bang their head on the keyboard and expect the above-written story to be a real-life future documentary for themselves 😂




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