A Letter to a Lost Friend

Dearest lost friend of mine,

It has been a long time since we parted our ways, work-life balance wasn’t quite stable for both of us. You had a dream to achieve and so did I. We forgot to communicate while we were busy with our respective schedules. Things did change a lot since then, No more do I spend much of my time online. I did achieve a lot many milestones at this tender age but never told you. Breaking the ice has always been a tough and challenging task for me. Who could know about it better than you?

They say “things drift apart”, and it did happen. No more do we share our stories with each other. No more do I console you and No more do I have guts to start afresh from where you left! Situations were tough on both of us. I’d no other option than to be aloof.

I hope you’re doing great. And as always, I would end this short letter of mine with something that I always stressed on, ” I’m Just a call away”.

Your’s truly,
A lost friend


P.S: We’ll do encounter such friends in our life, where we were always accompanied by that one special friend, slowly things turned out to be bitter or we lost them in our journey called “Life”. I hope you find those amazing pictures you had with them, and re-live those moments which are definitely stress-buster.

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16 thoughts on “A Letter to a Lost Friend

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  1. Hello, dear blogger.
    First of all, friends aren’t true friends if they don’t stay in your life.
    That was just a phase of your life, and that person thought you a lesson, which for him meant something too. Nobody in this life exists in ones life without a reason, so thank God that it gifted you that friend in that time and move on.
    Who knows, maybe a new, more true and committed friend is just around the corner! 😉

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    1. Thank you for giving this a read and yes, I totally agree with you. This is a hypothetical post though, I do believe in quality over quantity when it comes to friendship. I just saw 5% of this world, much more to explore!!


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