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Dear Technology Enthusiasts and my lovely Readers,

A piece of good news to you all out there, I’ve started a new section in my blog, “Geek’s corner” where I would be putting up my experiences in several technical projects I did.

These blogs will contain the following;

  • First-hand experience on giving a project a kick start.
  • Learning and the sources from where one has to learn for projects based on the category they are in.
  • Maintaining different online technical profiles to showcase projects. (Yes, GitHub is not everything out there!!).
  • Exploring (because freshers do miss on various knowledgeable websites out there as they appear on the second or third page of Google search as no one digs so deep these days).
  • A guide on “How to self-motivate yourself to Run and Successfully get an output for the program?”.

I’ve been into technical blogging for a long time, I did build quite a number of proprietary software’s since my first year in graduation, Now as I enter the corporate world after completing four years of Bachelors in Technology. I did gather some deep insights into how the system works over here in India and how a career can be made out of Research – from a student’s perspective. 


“No one is a born genius, It’s the track that makes him fall into one such category”


P.S: Do notify your friends and followers about the content. It will be posted at Geeks Corner. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you’ve been showing since the blog started. My Part of Life isn’t My part of life without you people as family ❤


kalcopyright geeks corner


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