A One Way Ticket

The world is so simple yet full of surprises,

Some beautiful and some not so pleasant,

A beautifully planned life turned upside down that day,

He came with a test-result envelope that day,

The result was traumatizing for the family,

He was diagnosed with an ailment which had no cure,

Even the finest among the doctors stood speechless,

What would they answer to a 16-year old boy who didn’t know the seriousness of that envelope?

Things were changing slowly,

He who never came early from his office,

Now returned 1 hour earlier to his 16-year old son and his wife,

Used to spend a lot of time with them,

It wasn’t quite easy to absorb the fact that this was the time he had before he gets bedridden,

He was a simple person,

He lived his life with great passion towards work,

Always occupied with his notes,

He didn’t have any sort of attitude, he would share his lunch with people at work who never saw someone of his rank do the same,

Yet, his ticket was confirmed,

This time it was a one-way ticket for him,

It was tough for the family to bid him “Goodbye” instead of “Bye”,

His son that day didn’t ask him for a gift when he returns back,

He just wished that his dad was gifted with a little more of “Life”

He might be travelling different worlds now, as I write this blog,

He who was unfortunate to get a “one-way ticket”.








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  1. Kalyan firstly I would like to accolade on your dexterity in doing justice to the title of the poem. Your works contain irony that provides your poem with a noteworthy flavour that keeps gnawing on the reader’s mind long after they have finished reading it. It’s lucid and simple style appeals to the reader’s.

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