The Story of a Keyboard

“The Story of a Keyboard” is my take on “Theory of Stress” and “Theory of Bouncing back with the best plan”.

Let’s first understand about “Theory of Stress”. We, humans, are occupied with some or the other task. Let it be as simple as “boiling an egg” or as complex as “testing a multi-million dollar software”. We all are forced to take stress & its inevitable. It’s only up to us, to what extent would we take stress to? Well, stress is inevitable but we can minimize the after-affect of stress by not piling up all the pending tasks on one side. Troubleshooting issues on-the-go is one of the many solutions one can adapt to tackle stress. This can be achieved by a simple process of Yellow Slips and Success which helps in achieving one goal at a time. Stress does deteriorate one’s performance and thinking capability.

To explain this is simple words, let’s take the example of a keyboard, a standard keyboard takes 6000 keystrokes on an average per day (according to Google). Still, we can observe that the efficiency of the keyboard doesn’t get affected at all. It still works fine with so many strokes and responds to every individual stroke. This is nothing but a combination of my two proposed theories i.e. Theory of Stress and Theory of Bouncing Back. So, what is “Theory of Bouncing Back”?

Well, “Theory of Bouncing Back” is all about how an individual bounces back with utmost strength after a depressing event. It’s all about how one encounters a “not-so-successful” scenario and how he/she uses it to step himself/herself up the ladder and bounce back to a successful lifestyle.

“Life is all about analyzing and executing”

                                       – Myself (From a programmer’s psychological self)





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  1. The element of incentive that each of your writing accompanies with itself throws light on your ability to analyse and unearth the invisible psychology of human nature.It is an enlightening read that encourages the readers to continue their flight towards their aim amidst complications that stands in their way.

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