If You Could See Me Now!

Jake was a late bloomer

He took a lot of time to understand and compute the way things are done.

He was not among the brightest kids in his class. But he was different. 

Where everyone fixed academic marks as a tool to measure intelligence, he believed in doing things in a different manner for a better outcome.

He was appreciated by few but dejected by many.

We all have been at that place, where we failed to understand the “now-simplest” things. We all do struggle at times with the simplest things possible, such as setting an alarm etc. But what actually is the parameter using which we measure toughness of anything?

We all have this habit of comparing ourselves with others, just to see where we stand. But, is this type of comparison actually required? We, humans did evolve in a manner where we are unique and distinct from one another. Then why do we compare to find similarity among ourselves. Quite ironical, isn’t it? So, What does it take to undergo a transition from immature to mature?

Hardwork and commitment towards the task that we do. Lack of any one in these two results in a dreadful situation. Intelligence however varies from person to person depending on the situation they are placed in. “If you could see me now!” is all about the change that we tend to observe in ourselves over time and the maturity levels.

It’s all about that particular turn in one’s life when he/she realises about how to handle any situation.

Because its pretty hard to find similarities in the “present us” Vs “the future us”!






21 thoughts on “If You Could See Me Now!

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  1. Well penned …. Einstein said “if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll live the whole life thinking it’s stupid”………………. Comparisons are so unnecessary

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  2. That’s true. Comparing ourselves with ourselves is the only right and fair way to go. And the only one where we’re bound to come out on top, actually. After all, we learn something new every day. Regardless of the pace, there’s always progress, and that’s what matters.

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  3. It’s a fascinating thing,how human nature works,despite being knowledgeable,despite being sane,we indulge in activities that at the end of the day is of no value just as it is pointless to compare stars and pick one as the superior.A lopsided society and assessment of a stranger often push us to the brink,and we being the simpleton one believes that if one can’t swim in the water,one is futile,in the effort of paddling through the water,the man never comprehends that he could fly,maybe he wasn’t good at swimming.But his life gone astray clinging on to the water while sky breathed a long sigh,never coalescing with its admirer that spent all life on the opinion of the obscure.

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