Yellow Slips and Success

In this present century that we’re living in, requires planning a hell lot of planning and stepwise execution of the same. You might ask why? Well, I have a simple theory to present my point.

Let’s see two contrasting characters, person “A” who is a young billionaire and he made money with the skills he possessed. Whereas, person “B” is in his fifties and works hard to save a penny. Person “A” analyzed opportunities which “B” failed to do, let it be because of maturity or any other factor. But what caused the difference in these two humans? Everything lies in the thought process, every human is gifted with the same brain, but its upto us how and to what extent we use it for our own good. It’s understandable that people tend to forget to keep a track on their daily progress/pending work/work they completed. The primary reason for this to happen being “failing to record your time and efforts put”.

A simple way to achieve better output with mechanised steps are “yellow slips”, yellow slips do keep a track on your daily activities, and by daily activities, I mean “the important” ones which can create long lasting ripples which result in either a successful career when done right or a devastated self when gone wrong. So, how can yellow slips help you to achieve your goal?

Answer is quite simple yet engages your brain at a totally different level. Yellow slips come in various sizes but I personally prefer the shorter one (approx 8cm by 5 cm). Reason being, short yellow slips make it tough for an individual to write his long list of unnecessary tasks, hence making it productive for himself/herself. And this results in least accumulation of tasks and less mind boggling. It’s not quite easy as it seems when it’s just a theory, quite tough to implement on a paper and practical life, but when done it’s quite awesome.

I, myself wrote the titles and abstract of the chapters on yellow slips for Beyond the mundane glance, so that I won’t forget the flavor of each chapter.

It looked something like this,


I hope you too find your way of executing activities in the most productive and profitable manner to move a step close towards success.

P.S: Being on vacation and blogging at the same time is quite tough, though I am trying to present my content in a neat manner, do excuse any errors because typing on a 6-inch screen is still a situation as I’m a programmer addicted to keyboards and not keypads.


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  1. In my case, being productive comes in dozens TODO lists, rewritten with every new or completed task. My desk is just covered with scraps of paper with todo lists on them ^^’
    Enjoy your holiday!

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