What should I call you?

It was 01:00 am, The night was cold,

He was numb,

Tired and exhausted he scrolled through his contacts,

To find that one person whom he could talk to,

Pour his feelings out,

He never met anyone so capable to solve his problems,

No one could empathize either,

But that day, things had to change,

Scrolling through his contacts, He paused for a moment,

He swiped left to the “Favorites section” and there she was,

The contact that was never frequently called but made it to the favourites list,

As they say, “Friends occupy the second space in one’s life, where the first is occupied by the family”

He was hesitant to call because he always preferred a meet-up rather than a “virtual” call

And then he called his friend, that one person in the list who could empathize,

Who could calm people down with her strange powers,

Who could relate his pain,

We all do need such a person in our Contact List,

I don’t know what to call her,

A Saviour, a best friend, an “always-there” person, or simply “a family?”

What should I call you?

We all have that one “go-to” person, on whom we can rely on. That one person who would always respond to your call. Who would find and derive a solution to the problem you’re facing. That one person who is no less than a blessing. He/she would never expect anything from you. They just exist to hold you when everyone rejects you.

It’s quite common in this busy little world when you are surrounded by all your problems and you wear a mask to face them. But when you remove that mask, there you’re, helpless and mentally exhausted after solving hundreds and thousands of difficulties. You try to give yourself some time after your breakdown, you definitely need to refill yourself with some talk or a chat. 

He/She might be one of your family member of your friend, though you cannot define your relationship with that person as he/she shares the same priority as your family. I hope you all find that “one person”!








17 thoughts on “What should I call you?

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  1. It is one of the perplexing element of our human life, our life is a coalescence of dream,aim, ,family, friends.Though maybe our nemesis may not always go hand in hand with what we want for ourselves,but because of this close relationships, we are saved from our own doom.
    A wonderful piece of writing.
    Have a good day.

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