Let Me Share your Sufferings

It’s been 5 years now,

You never told me what bugs you,

You were an introverted type of person, a handful could understand you,

And could interpret your pain,

You were quiet, struggling with your problems,

You never shed a tear,

Always tried to escape emotional frames,

You were always there whenever someone was in a problem,

You solved everything that you came across,

But when it came to you, you always hid everything,

The pain, the struggle, and not let a tear out of your eyes,

They call you the perfectionist, but are you the one?

Aren’t perfectionist humans with emotions?

It’s been a long time, We still remember you in our prayers!

Let me put this concept in simple words,

You struggle every day with your work like every other person does, but you have a corner for yourself, it might be a hobby or spending time with friends which makes you forget the tough times. This is not so easy but you, however, try to overcome your stress by spending time with loved ones or pursuing your hobby.

“Depression” and “Loneliness” on a long run are devastating, a person is more than dead in these situations. It’s something more painful than death. Let’s understand why a “corner” is necessary for an individual and what happens if he has only “a corner” left in his/her life.

The root cause is “Overthinking”. Let me put this in a simple story, Rachael and Joseph are classmates. They both got into a relationship. And, the way most relationships end, unfortunately, this relationship too had an end. Rachael wasn’t able to “move on” and used to play the time they had spent together in a loop. This imprisoned her in a hypothetical scene where she was with him. Whereas Joseph moved on, he knew that “Life” is an experiment and humans are mere lab rats. Rachael’s thought process got altered, she now used to see the negative side of everything and used to be depressed because of the thoughts that were running in a loop. Joseph initiated a new schedule and kept himself happy.

So, what do you understand by the above story?

Running the same thought which had a negative outcome is poisonous, not just for you, but also for the people around you. You spread this “negativity” in yourself which drastically declines your self-confidence. “Depression” and “Loneliness” are quite common, and we have no one to blame except ourselves.


i) Try to contact your loved ones (your family member, the best friend etc).

ii) Go out and attend meetups, any social interaction will reduce the toxicity that’s residing in you.

iii) Try to recollect memories and your Hobbies. Spend time in enhancing your skills or learn a new skill. We, humans, are gifted with an ability to learn. The way we learn alphabets, which is totally a unique and unrelatable concept for an infant. But he still does learn and communicates.

Life is a just like a movie, there are many characters in your life, you may face villains or the bad guys, you will get good guys on your side too. But at the very end of every movie, you are gonna see the hero/yourself win over them. 

Keep your spirits and your head high!

P.S: This blog deals with “Mental Health” which is considered a “Taboo” at many places and people hesitate to approach a qualified doctor for the same. Mental health is “No Joke”. As always, my inbox/contact page is always open for discussion if you’re suffering from any problem. I might not be a leading Doctor, but I can be a person whom you can pour your heart out, Let me share your sufferings! However, medical attention is a must.





25 thoughts on “Let Me Share your Sufferings

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  1. This is so relatable. I’m happy to say that at this point of my life I’m about 95% fine and over with negative past experiences. But as a sensitive, loyal creature, I always struggled with breakups – when my longest relationship this far ended, it cost me about a year to recover enough to not have random breakdowns whenever a memory flashed through my head.
    I’ve also dealt with depression, but from a different perspective – I was close friends with a person who suffered from depression and I saw how difficult it was. For him, but also for me, playing the role of unbreakable support. It’s an awful state, I wish no one ever goes through it.

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    1. The best part about you being, you always try new things as far as I concluded from your posts. Everything has its takeaway, when one comes out of depression, he/she learns a lot and tries to adopt new skills. Though I have never been into relationship, still I can empathise. I wish you a very bright future ahead. Keep smiling 🙂

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  2. It is usually very difficult for the person in this situation to think like this. This is precisely the problem. If they would, then they wouldn’t be in this situation at all. So prevent getting into such a situation in the first place. Been dealing with depression in the family. It affects the entire family not just the person. I am glad there is more awareness now.

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  3. Hey there,
    I enjoyed reading this blog post.
    Mental health is a very essential topic – which needs to be understood in much greater detail.
    I myself struggle with anxiety.
    I would love it if you write a blogpost for my blog.
    Waiting for a response from your side. 🙂
    Happy 2019 🙂

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  4. Very beautifully explained about a topic very difficult to explain!

    For folks undergoing depression i can say they are in an unexplainable situation about this behaviour which is a mystery not only to themselves but also to those around them.

    The Nirvana’s song “Lithium” explains this situation very well. https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/nirvana/lithium.html

    It is a completely chaotic situation that cannot be remedied without counselling and support.

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