The Power of Observation

It was a chilly Monday morning, I came to interview a “not so known” personality.

He was known for his anonymity, Handful people knew about him,

He served Intelligence wing, He was a cut above, That’s what his records conveyed,

I was framing questions that I had to ask him, I never got to see his picture as they say “Only a few saw him and only lucky ones got to know about him”.

And then came a gentleman, sat near me, I thought this would be the best time to ask this guy about him. I initiated the conversation with the guy who sat beside me, He was having casual clothes on himself, A perfect pair of jeans which suited his personality, heavy shoes which would weigh approximately 1 kilogram, And a casual shirt with pen in his shirt pocket.

When I told him about myself, He was quite impressed, He asked me many questions on “How a typical day in an Interviewer’s Life is like?”, and then it was my turn. I asked him why he came for, He replied: “For an interview” with a smile on his face.

Never did I clash with any other interviewer assigned for the same interview. I thought to make a call to my Boss and report the same, But he definitely didn’t seem like a competition to me. He was quite an observant.

It was the time for the interview, I received a confirmation to interview the guy who was a shadow. When I entered his office, I could see no trophies, neither was I able to his name on the door, just a golden plate with his name written on it. I was asked to wait until he came. How did I forget that this guy was known for his timing, He entered his cabin at 0900 hrs.

I recognized his face, it was him, the person with whom I had a chat outside. How could I ever miss, he is a master of disguise. He shook his hand with mine and said, “It’s odd for a civilian to wear such shoes in public places where manoeuvrability is first priority”. And I could frame everything. He was trying to know about me before he could give an interview. And by the time interview came to an end, I got to know about a lot many things that we are unaware of,

  1. Get to know about your surroundings before you enter a place, plant yourself amidst everyone to know more about things and how they work?
  2. It’s not so easy to place yourself in one’s position, it takes time and effort, you have to adapt every of their habit, and compute things.

When it comes to a real-world scenario, One should understand his surroundings by mere observation and by identifying possible threats and possible allies. We, humans, miss on a lot many details which land us in “not-so-good” looking situation.

Observation is key to understand people and situations better.



Image Sources: Pexels





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