Leather Jacket and Her

“It’s quite easy, just give it a little throttle, and the beast will wake up from its sleep”
She instructed with the most beautiful smile in the world ever present.

“I’m much inclined towards the offroad thing, It’ll take me time, I guess” I replied

“You’re a quick learner, you will learn it, just be with me” She reciprocated

“Sure, I am, it took me two dates and lot of math to understand you, though partially till now!” I exclaimed.

“So, when did you learn to ride a motorcycle, and that too my favourite one, a muscle bike?” 

“When I was in my 10th grade, dad made me learn a bike, so that I would be independent and I used to love motors a lot” She answered.

And that’s how their journey had just begun, a long ride!

Few of you might have understood the concept (especially my Indian readers). So let me now explain the most important concept that plays a major role and which we refuse to learn.

The “Concept of being Independent”.

Human brain evaluates independency by default with “Financial status”, but it’s not always the same.  People are dependent on others for emotions too. The main factor that affects our decision taking skill is “How confident are we about our skills?”. And this question occupies a corner in our brain because we compare ourselves with others, and we all are well aware of how a comparison ends!

At the end of the day what matters is “what you’ve done to achieve your goal”, you might succeed or you might fail, but you should fight back to achieve your goal. Problems should turn our skin like a turtle’s shell, it shouldn’t soften us and shouldn’t let us settle.

The imaginary plot in this blog “Leather jacket and her” is about the girl whom we see every day, she is one amongst us, a common person, her dream was to explore, without any strings attached, she always had a dream to fly. And she did because she never compared herself, she never accepted what life had planned for her, she kept struggling until she became the one she desired and strived to be. There’s no need to follow a cycle (By cycle I mean, Schooling => Graduation => Job => Marriage, especially Indians).

Passion + Hard work + Skills get you closer to your dream and eliminate problems coming your way.

Don’t be an example for someone, Be a model!  – Anonymous 




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