The Fencing

Let’s me tell you a story of two persons, let’s call them “Alpha” and “Beta”,

Alpha and Beta are best friends, they both went to the same school, underwent the same education system but there was a difference, the difference in how they were made to see things by their loved ones/family.

Alpha and Beta, both were toppers of their branch, alpha was known for his creative and thoughtful answers which had a lot of logic in them, whereas Beta’s answer was derived from the textbook, the same old answers which were outdated now lay in the brain of Beta. Alpha studied for knowledge and real-time application perspective whereas Beta studied with an aim to earn money. 

It wasn’t the fault of Beta, because he was brought up in a different manner as compared to Alpha. Beta was expected to get an “A” grade in academics and was expected to turn himself away from the enjoyment because his parents feared it will ruin Beta’s academic score in future, whereas Alpha’s parents were quite broad-minded, they expected Alpha to enjoy whatever he is doing, else quit the same if he is not enjoying. Alpha hence was under less pressure, resulting in better productivity and better results when compared to Beta who was always kept under pressure, both by parents and society.

When there’s an unbearable pressure on the individual there’s a lot of chance of that person undergoing either of the two cases,

  1. Tries to quit his life by committing suicide
  2. Tries to oppose the world and prove them wrong, failing which he/she opts the wrong way and commits heinous crimes (rape, murder, extortion and what not!).

If you recall, you can relate how things started with the tiniest thing and how it ended with one ending his/her own life. This is just a small case where we can see how the education system and the parental upbringing can bring a drastic change in an individual which can affect the human race either in a positive way or a negative one.

Let me convey what I actually want you to understand from this blog post, 

[ Parental Upbringing ] = Ethics and values that an individual learns

[ Education System ] = Teach logic and assist an individual’s brain to understand and process things and NOT PROGRAM ONE’S BRAIN!!!!

[ Friends ] = Teach an individual about maturity and introduce him to various perspectives of socializing.

So the formula is,

[ Parental Upbringing ] + [ Education System ] + [ Friends ] = Sensible Individual


I hope I am clear with what I framed and yes, I would love to know your thoughts as every thought relates to a new unexplored perspective!

Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!




8 thoughts on “The Fencing

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  1. An intriguing and pragmatic view on the most substantial problem of our country.You have indicated a much relevant point,that the upbringing makes significant impact on one’s character and thus spawns the base of one’s foundation.It is something that should be read by both students and parents for the amelioration of both.we all require discern this.Keep penning!

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    1. The problem being “peer learning” that our parents follow, they follow the footsteps of other parents in order to ensure success for the children. But they forget that peer learning is good only to an extent. Thank you for reading and dropping by your valuable comment!

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