I have a Vision

It’s always about the “Change” which needs to be brought,

But not about “Let’s bring the change”,

It’s always about how many books a bag can hold,

But never about how much stress a “young” brain can hold,

It’s always about “How much time it takes for your friend to arrive”,

But never about “How much your friend suffered to travel that distance”,

It’s always about “which grade your son achieved in the exam”,

But never about “How many concepts he actually understood”,

It’s always about a girl and a boy fighting over immature things,

But never about the quality time they spent together,

It’s always about “what the society thinks”,

But never about “What his/her soul thinks”,

It’s always about the 8 figure salary,

But never about the “long trip with friends that he planned”,

They say “Love cannot get you bread home”, but is it so?

With high tides in your love-life, can you give hundred per cent at your workplace?

I have a Vision,

A vision where I portray the world full of happiness and contentment,

Where I see a kid crying over what he has to wear to the picnic,

Rather than committing suicide during the broad daylight,

I portray students jumping out of joy when they receive their grades,

And not jumping from the rooftops, kissing the ground and turning lifeless!

I portray couples expressing their love without any fear,

And not hiding themselves and their pure love from the world!

I portray a better future for people having the required skillset,

Rather people having hundreds of degrees with zero knowledge,

I portray a better world with infinite possibilities,

Because I have a Vision,

A vision which will change the above “It’s” to “It was” and “But never” to “But always”,


Let’s make this world a better place to live!

Stay Happy, because, happiness drives one towards success,

And your success is important to drive the future of this world.




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