A Flawless Idea

Tightening a rope across his neck,

He hung his dreams, His passion, His soul!

He could just see the blue ink spilt all over the white canvas,

He was lacking colours, Colors which slowly faded as he was clearing each grade,

He travelled a long distance, from “D” to”A+”,

This journey wasn’t easy, it didn’t demand him just money,

It demanded him “Lives”!!

Bonds were broken over quarrels on why he didn’t have time for family,

Why was he always busy? 

As if his homework and assignments could bring sweetness to their relationship back,

He was lacking emotions, 

“Perfection” was expected from Him,

Even if it cost him to give up his dreams,

They say “Be successful in your Life”,

But after achieving “Success”, when He looks back,

He could only find voices but not people,

They left him because he was a cut above,

Or was it because he couldn’t spare much time for them?

He possessed an unimaginative power to foresee things,

The conclusion of events, 

He was able to picturize every single outcome before it could even occur,

His world had turned upside down 6 years ago,

When he was gifted with “A Flawless Idea”,

“A Flawless Idea” the world wasn’t able to bear!!


P.S: When society fails to understand a brilliant individual with lots of creativity.




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