I am unable to find solutions to my problems,

In this cage full of competitors,

I’m trapped!!

Not because I don’t know how to escape,

Not because I fear something unpleasant would happen,

It’s because this is a war zone and we are thrown here to survive,

Ideas over ideas,  which were never executed,

As if the execution of an Idea was a heinous crime!

I executed several of my ideas, they gave me a weird look,

They considered me as an Outlier, never helped me my way through,

They just couldn’t survive in my world,

A world with enormous dreams, infinite tasks in my to-do list,

Am I existing with people who had wings which were cut because of societal pressure,

Or am I existing with mediocre “I can’t do” mindsets?

I tried to do something amazing,

They said “Get your expertise in one single domain”,

I understand that one has to master his domain, I am doing it too!

But where’s the backup, where are the skills that can transform one into a better person if I did follow the advise?

Is it just about earning enough for a day, or building a respectful and charming character forever?

I don’t want to be the one, thrown in a machine, a product from a mass manufacturer, same but not similar to other products,

I don’t want to be that person who spends his time understanding and following the footsteps of others,

I want to create my own profile, my own identity, for my own self,

I desire to be unique and thankfully I’m!

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