A Dance with the Devil

Victor returned home that day with tears in his eyes, he didn’t sleep properly. He saw a familiar face flashing before his eyes, he wasn’t able to get up from his bed. He recollected the series of events which took place. One after other;

That Night:

It was quite a lonely street, there were no footsteps to be heard. Victor had just returned after he was done selling medications illegally to a smuggler. Amongst the silence, there came an Ambulance making its way through the dark portion of the road. 

The person brought to the hospital was involved in an accident, and he was bleeding, he required immediate medical assistance. He required painkillers so that doctors could operate on his body. He was rushed to Operation Theatre. He was screaming with pain and wasn’t doctors weren’t able to reduce his pain as they were running out of painkillers. Reacting to the situation call, Head Surgeon entered the operation theatre, he was none other than Victor himself. Seeing the patients situation, Victor stood there speechless. He was shocked and he collapsed, Doctors ran towards Victor, but he wasn’t responding. He became a stone.


After a few days:



He heard a familiar voice “Doctor Victor, can you hear me? please respond by closing and opening your eyelids one time!”. It was his staff treating him in the same Hospital. He recollected, how he sold painkillers which were in hospital’s stock illegally to a smuggler, and the same night he lost his brother was involved in an accident before his own eyes because of his own deeds. Victor tried to walk, but he couldn’t sense his abdomen part, he was paralyzed after he fell unconscious, he lost his brother. He lost the respect he earned just because of his greed.

The devil grows in the Wicked and Cruel,

If you thought that there won’t be any punishment for minor offenses,

Then you are wrong,

The devil makes sure that you pay for it,

So, when the devil asks you for a dance,

It’s better you say “Never”, because, dance with the devil,

Can last you forever…




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