The Glamorous Asset

The shoulder that I cried on a countless number of times,

Shoulder which held my head during my drowsiest times,

Shoulder which still carries me wherever I wanna go,

A heart which gives me a value,

A heart which carries me with a honour,

A heart which never gives up on me during my worst times,

A hand which always held me when I was happy,

And when I was broke,

A hand which offered me food when everyone turned their back towards me,

Those eyes, how can I forget them?

Eyes which always sparkled whenever they heard my name,

Eyes which showered immense amount of affection on me,

The mouth which always blabbered, which would never stop,

Would come to a stop whenever the ear used to hear that I was sick,

Legs would refuse to take a step back,

They would come running for me, from miles away,

I never understood feelings,

But now I do because these all body parts which weren’t making sense till now to you(readers) are of my friends,

They are unique, they are pretty, they are a bunch of idiots but they are mine,

They are hungry, not for love but for food xD

They range from life-advisors to labourers when the time commences,

They never wrote an assignment or completed a homework of mine,

Still, I love them,

Maybe that’s what life is all about,

Meeting few friends and turning them into a family,

A family of misfits,

Who fit perfectly in my so-called “Small World”.

They are my friends, who turned into my family,


PS: On the occasion of friendships day, let me just pour out my heartiest gratitude to the people who stood by my side and tolerated me during my best and worst times. Without you people, I am just a puzzle yet to be solved and as the cover picture describes, friends are like one’s shadow, they never leave you!!



August 6, 2017(Memories)





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