Darling, You’re Perfect

It was 0200 hrs, I returned home after a hectic work schedule,

I was tired, I was exhausted,

So much that I didn’t bother about scrolling through the hundreds of texts and voicemails you sent me,

Many of which were about my well-being,

Many about why wasn’t I responding,

It has been a long time since then,

The fall of 2016, I didn’t see you,

Neither your texts!

I still regret the moment I didn’t text you back,

Didn’t call you back,

You travelled a long way,

Away from me, and everyone else,

I hope you are doing well,

I hope you found your sweet and cosy corner in heaven,

Like you did in our “Home”, which has now become a “House”!!


P.S.: A hypothetical plot with an undying love story.




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