The Backup

I cannot take it anymore,

I’m tired, I’m frustrated,

I cannot hold my breath anymore,

Am I immortal? Why can’t I get over this pain,

I cannot bear the same feelings anymore,

I lost a lot, I cannot lose anymore!!

I cannot stand anymore, I feel weak,

My legs are numb, Legs which did run a lot many kilometres,

Now don’t stand a chance to take a stand for themselves,

Am I tired or am I lost?

Can I just quit this schedule of mine for some time,

And explore an unknown place in an unknown corner of this world,

I just feel like running away from everything,

The hectic schedule, the planned meetings,

Something is eating me from the deepest core of my heart,

It’s a feeling of not having a person in my life, whom I am in desperate need now,

A senior, a guide, my gang mate who always motivated me,

Now rests somewhere in another world, I miss him,

I want to show him my achievements, 

I was damn happy when he sat in the first row for Prize distribution that was held in my school,

He jumped with joy when everyone told so many good things about me,

From Teacher to the Principal to my classmates, everyone applauded,

He was the one sitting silent, with a wide smile on his face,

He that night told me “Achievement is temporary, Lesson learnt is permanent!” 

I am no more getting surprised when someone gifts me a surprise gift,

I need some time back to gain my emotions, my words,

Altogether I rest my pen for a while!


With this blog, I would like to introduce you to my Book Series which I am presently working on after I launched Purple-A Series of Short Stories. Stay tuned for more updates.





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