The Mystery Blogger Award

I would like to thank (attaching URL because I don’t know her name) for nominating me for “Mystery Blogger award”.

Her blogs are based on real-life issues, which showcase the sweet and harsh truth of life at the same time. Pretty relatable that she calls herself as “Desert flower”. 


  • Put the award logo/graphic on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide the link to their blog
  • Tell your reader three things about you
  • You have to nominate 6-7 bloggers
  • Answer the questions given to you
  • Ask your nominee 5 questions of your choice
What do you get from blogging? 
Not money but something which is much more precious than that, i.e. Happiness on the face of my blog readers. I try to portray my thoughts via short stories, and hence I’ve given my blog a name which explains it all “My Part of Life” which depicts the human emotions during the happiest and sad times. 
Blogging acts as a channel to me so that I can interact with people, spread my thoughts and understand my fellow readers, I love to go through blogs as they have raw emotions in them with zero spice which makes them more “real/legit”. 
Which one is better hard work or talent? Why? 
Well, in my point of view both go hand in hand, with just hard work one can achieve his/her goal but in that process he/she will be forcing themselves to achieve the same, whereas having just the talent and no hard work to power the talent, one can achieve his goal but he would take a hell lot of time, let it be his laziness or his psychological state. 
Hard work + Talent = Exquisitely beautiful success. 
Hard work = success with a lot of effort. 
Talent = success after a long time period. 
What’s your idea of a better world? Describe
A better world for me would consist humans with no greed but a thirst to do something new, something amazing but not at the cost of an innocent life, let it be a tree, or a human or an animal. 
A better world would have fewer crimes and more good deeds. Less frustration and more innovation and motivation. 
I believe that life is a one time chance, you need to experience everything but reflect the positive ones, ask help to remove the negativity within you and move on. 
Is war good or bad?
Definitely bad until and unless you want to get back your chocolate that your sister stole from the refrigerator. 
Write three of your guilty pleasure?
1) Spending a lot of time on researching about trending technology but not using them much in real life scenarios. 
2) Not socializing much because things hurt later when they get worse. 
3) Making the opponent bleed in a Kickboxing match with merciless kicks, well, I love to dominate my opponent and at the same time feel bad for his physical state that’s because of me. 
My questions for the nominees
1. What’s your take on Indian Education System?
2. Can you tell us more about the lifetime memory from WordPress that you will frame forever? 
3. What would you prefer, a planned life with no enjoyment or an unplanned one with lots of enjoyment?
My nominees are :

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