Understanding The “Apps”

There are two different words we fail to understand every single time,


One shouldn’t always blame an individual for using apps which are merely a time waste for them. Now again a question that arises over here is Entertainment & Infotainment.


A term and popular buzzword for a media device or service that delivers a combination of information and entertainment. The content delivered via infotainment is designed to be informative yet entertaining enough to attract and maintain the consumer’s interest.


ɛntəˈteɪnm(ə)nt/ (noun)
the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.
“everyone just sits in front of the television for entertainment”

The reason behind creating vast applications on various different platforms was to make sure that the information and awareness are spread across the whole population of this world. In this present generation we are trying to do the same, i.e. spreading information and awareness “But to what extent are we doing the same?” still remains an unanswered question.

The information that is useful for the development of an individual is least shared on social media platforms and the unwanted information is circulated in abundance which causes disturbance not only in the personal life of an individual but also his online presence is affected by it. This basically can create a psychological imbalance and ambiguity in the mind of the individual which further leads to depression, anxiety, stress, fear and what not? 

We forget that we are living in a world where the average human life expectancy(as of now) is dangling between 65-70 years, So let me show a calculation which will let you meet the dark side of the digital world,

Number of minutes spend in an hour browsing/chatting/using mobile for non-informational/Non productive sources —> 20 minutes/

Per day —>  480 minutes + 60 minutes(When we have no one around us to talk with, we just spend time with mobile) —> 540 minutes/9 hours per day

Per month —> 16,200 minutes/270 hours


isn’t it?

What we need to learn is spending productive time in the digital world, i.e. spending time over applications or web which turns us into a better person, helps us to uplift ourselves and brings the creativity out of us. There are many applications that are never explored, they have a lot of knowledge and information but we somewhere find it easier to install the same application that our friends/family possess, which are of course the social apps. 

Being social isn’t a wrong thing to do, but when we are negating the meaning of the word “Social” itself by using applications which demand virtual presence and not the in-person presence is something that we need to think about. 

Well, I can prove that one can undergo depression easily just by using any social app,

Suppose if one of your friend posts a picture on social media of him enjoying his vacation/celebrating lavishly…You would definitely feel happy right? Well, only 30 to 40% of people feel so, the remaining have a tendency to get jealous by the person who posted the same or they go thinking about why their life doesn’t have such amazing moments in like he has in his life.

The motto behind this blog is to tell the positive and the not-so-positive side about the applications. I wish you find your way of navigating in Life!

Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!




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  1. The purpose of social media was connecting the lost friends or making your friends and family closer to you even when you’re miles apart.But I guess social media today fills the void in our heart,it somehow engulfs our creativity,and habit of socialising.
    Indeed,It has made our world smaller,but it also made us feel lonely,unloved at times.

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