The Wound-Exploring the Untold Dimensions

He recovered that day after spending a time of 3 years in Hospital, a long time with few people, few faces, he had a story which he wasn’t able to narrate because he had forgotten his destination. His sparkling eyes conveyed everything to the Panel of Judges. He stepped out in this so-called “Beautiful world” again. He now had to answer the media.

His answer had several questions within themselves.

I don’t understand why they are against me,
What wrong did I do,
Held my Girlfriend’s hand with her consent,
And she held mine,
Am I doing something in a very uncanny way?
I didn’t know that holding hands was a crime!!
Is it?
I love her, what’s the societies problem with that,
Are we doing something so-called “unsocial”,
Even brothers hold the hands of their sister,
So as to protect them,
Let us make something very transparent and clear,
I held her hand, with her consent, protecting her from threats,
Promising her to drop her home safely,
And out of a blue, there appears a mob of people,
Old-aged, middle-aged running towards me and her,
Trying to separate me as if I was doing something wrong,
There She stood supporting me,
Taking people off me, who were beating me with whatever they had,
Bags, bare knuckles, some were even trying to pierce their vehicle keys into my skin,

Oh, come on!!! If I was wrong she would have run away from me,
Rather than staying beside me, holding my hand,
Laughing on my jokes,
And looking into my eyes,
She was about to say “I love you”,
But she got scared, hearing the footsteps and seeing people run towards us,

I don’t understand why people tend to forget that they are blessed with a mouth and a beautiful tongue which they can use to first interact,

But they prefer limbs over smartness,
They just derive a conclusion out of no-where,

They just can’t resist,
I don’t know why!!!
They could have had a talk with the girl who is holding my hand,
But they pushed her aside,
Yes, they did!!!!!
And punched me, slapped me,

What for???
Because I held her hand, with her consent?
Or is it because holding hands in Indian society isn’t allowed,
But rapes are?
Why don’t I see the same mob thrashing a rapist?
Is it because they lack the common sense in differentiating between “a person who loves a girl wholeheartedly” and “a person who lusts for her”??

Well, the society needs to learn that there’s a limit,
A limit, when exceeded, can turn a gem person into an evil monster!!

(By – Kalyan Parimi)

She still recalled the day he was in ICU, he was motionless and cold. She recalled the talk she had that day outside the ICU with her mom.

Her swollen eyes were naked proof of her destruction.

It was like a storm that suddenly hit her and ruined everything, took “Soul” out of her “Life”.

The memories of the past three hours were hitting her hard.

How beautiful the day was! It was the day when she first met him three years back. How adorable they had sprung up their relationship. Their parents too agreed with their decision happily. Everything was just perfect, like a fairy tale! Happiness in the air and bliss to the soul, Exactly the way she ever dreamed of, Perfect!

A known voice from the back interrupted her thoughts. It was her mother. She burst into tears, “Maa, they ruined everything! My love, my life, everything! How could they do this to anyone?

We were not doing anything wrong. And who gave them right to do such thing? They pushed me back and lashed him like he was just there so that they could remove their frustration on him. Am I responsible for his wound maa?

Can’t we hold each other’s hand? We didn’t even bother them. We were walking silently, holding a hand.” She could skip the breath but couldn’t stop her burst.

“We say India is a democratic country and going out with lover is a big crime here! They say we should respect our culture and valentine’s day is not our culture. But maa, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are gifts of western culture and they celebrate it with a huge pride!

 Does respecting culture overpower basic human right and results in ruining somebody’s life?

If this is our culture, then better to die instead of living like this”

Her mother knew that she was right, and there were fewer chances of action on their report against this. They were helpless but strong enough to fight against this.

The operation theatre doors opened and there came a team of doctors with their gloves soaked with this blood. Her mom and herself rushed towards them.

The doctor told them that he was out of danger, but he forever lost his memory because of the wounds and She never stops questioning her destiny.

(By- Daminee Patel )

Moral Policing is something that we need to have a clear idea about, there can be misinterpretation and there are several cases that narrate the same which lead to horrible deaths of several.

Moral Policing Victim found dead on Railway Tracks

Kolkata Metro Moral Policing Case

and many more such cases which were not voiced.


I would like to thank my fellow blogger Daminee Patel for writing the counterpart of this blog and expressing her raw views and her ideology on Moral Policing. It was a great experience working with her on this collab. Do check out her write-ups at,


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