Date – A Short Love Story

She was already late to the Date,

He was waiting for her at the same table that he did 5 years back,

She entered the Restaurant,

He stood up, and greeted her with a beautiful smile,

She smiled back and asked, “Aren’t you annoyed because I am late?”

“But, you came, you stood by your word” He replied

She was flattered.

She: “So what did you order?” 

He: “Was waiting for you, so that we could have food together”

She: “How did you commute from the far end of the world to this place?” 

He: “Well, the journey was tiring but fruitful”

She was so happy because it was for the first time she went on a date.

She: “What about pasta?” 

He: “I know you like chicken wings more than pasta, you can order chicken wings if you are comfortable with”

She: “How do you know?”

He: “Well, you are on Page 2, which is actually the non-veg section whereas Page 5 is the vegetarian section”

She: “Soldier, you are not on-duty right now, please stop observing so much”

He: “You are not a model walking on a ramp right now, can you please remove your contact lenses, I love the way you are”

She: “Okay, let’s settle for one thing, you leave your intelligence in the restroom and I will take off my contact lenses”

He: “Deal!!!”

She: “Yeah Deal!!!!”

*******After few minutes*******

He: “So, Mrs Gupta, How was your day?”

“Tiring Mr Gupta” She replied


Sometimes it’s better to re-live the romantic moments with the dear ones, isn’t it?

The same passion, the same love, let’s roll ourselves towards our past, our roots, and cherish the happiest moments we ever had!!


P.S: To understand the story we need to roll back, the couple underwent an arranged marriage and never experienced how a date is. He, being a soldier never got to surprise her but that day, he did. She, being a model always had to maintain a physique and diet, but that day she didn’t. She ate her chicken wings with the utmost satisfaction and He was continuously enjoying her company.




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