Aren’t We Lost?

Amidst all the taps and scrolls,

I still carry a pocket diary,

For them, it’s their EverNote,

But for me, its a pen and paper and raw emotions,

For them, my memo book is an alien thing,

For me their smartphones are,

I lost myself somewhere in this world,

Where they were busing scrolling up&down the apps,

And I was busy turning pages in my diary,

I still remember, how they met friends later,

But sent them a friend-request first,

For me, it was quite difficult because I only had a friend-list of 115 people,

Whom I met,

For them, it was 300, or more than that, who commented and liked the stuff they posted,

Whereas I used to go to my friends and show them what I wrote in my diary,

It’s really a surprise for me,

How people met one another, but their beautiful pair of eyes didn’t,

Because they are still stuck to their devices,

Devices which took them to a new world,

A world full of what they desired, what they loved,

But somewhere it was making them very fragile,

Fragile towards themselves,

They were forgetting themselves in order to mould according to their loved ones,

No, not the parents this time,

It was their virtual friends,

Friends who used to text, but never met,

Distances exist,

Not the distance between you and your friends,

The distance between you and your home-router, 

The time the Wi-Fi signal goes down,

A herd of zombies roam around in the house,

On the streets,

Trying to get a public Wi-Fi,

Is this the world we are living in??

Are we lost??


We all knowingly or unknowingly do that, because nowadays every single thing is digitized but wait, we still have an option, what if for one “Sunday” or one day a week we keep our smartphones away?

What if we get back to life which was calling us since years, but we always delay that call. What if we get back to the same era, where we had posts and envelopes, what if you send a post-card to your loved ones? Won’t it be a surprise for them, until they open, there would be no “Seen” or “Unseen” messages like they do now. 

Let’s spend some time together!!

Me and You (Smartphones excluded, from the pockets also)





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  1. Very well written Kalyan sir 👏👏👏

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    1. Thank you for your sweet and kind words.
      This 21st century, things cannot be put it a cliché way, So yeah, trying to figure out a pattern which soothes a human brain in an effective way.

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  2. I really appreciate you for choosing this subject and pointing to this issue.We are moulding ourselves according to the incarnation of our idols,our ears numbed by the bursting headphones,our eyes dropped to a lifeless device,Our reality is haunting.

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    1. Your comments are always motivating.
      And yes, neither can we deny nor can we totally accept, we are bound to devices, sometimes its necessity else addiction. Hope we find a solution to this.


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