The Educated Illiterate

“It’s all about how you hold a pen in your hand, and how you see it, as a weapon or as an opportunity to do wonders” – Unknown

Each and everyone has been through a situation where we find the illiterate to be more sensible than a literate, the basic psychology that runs behind this is, literate tend to have more of a criminal psychology in a way since they are smart enough to hide their footprints better than illiterates.

For example, Youth nowadays are bribing professor’s to let them cheat!!, yeah you heard it right, I even experienced one such situation where one of my peers bribed a professor, that’s the worst thing a student can ever do, murdering his/her parent’s reputation and respect, and murdering the professor’s dignity by buying him with a piece of paper, the piece of paper which wasn’t his hard-earned!!!

The so-called Educated people have a lot of sympathy for others but lack empathy, in this busy world we lost ourselves so much that we didn’t realize that;

Empathy > Sympathy

And then comes the greatest misery of all “Cheating/Copying/The act of being cool” for youngsters…

Is education all about passing exams???? Or is it learning from our mistakes, recalling them and correcting them….yes I do agree that our education system is somewhat outdated but values & etiquettes are what we are known for!! People won’t call us by the rank we scored in an exam, but they will know us by our attitude, how we perceive things, how we react to it.

The Educated Illiterate forgot the good words, and also forgot to give compliments when one does a good deed and the only thing that comes out are cuss words!! In this busy world somewhere we lost sensitivity for other beings. Why are we degrading our own standards just for someone else?

Our Ancient Education System used to have such a reputation that foreigners tried to adopt it, we had a “GURUKUL” type of education system back then, where there would be one GURU(teacher) and SHISHYA’s(students) who would equally respect each other, but do we find it these days? Somewhere the students lost respect for teacher and teacher too lost respect for students, and this all mess needs to be cleaned with a new approach.

Let me share a story of two students, Student A and Student B.

Student A worked very hard since the begining of his college time, he always dreamt of being different from the crowd, hence he never tried to write the same 10-year-old answers given in the Un-Revised books. He used to relate real-time examples with the question and used to write the theory.

Now comes the student B, B just joined Engineering course for the sake of a UG Certificate. He carries a “I don’t care” type of atitude. He just tries to copy in exam, get grades but not knowledge.

One fine day, he copies the answers that A wrote in his answer sheet, happily B returns home believing that he will get good grades, but the other day both students were called to the teachers cabin, where teacher asked B why he copied from A, To which B replied that he didn’t copy from A. Completely shocked A had nothing to say, but the teacher knew that A had shown his answer sheet to B hence A was debarred to write exams.

What do we learn from the above case study?

Student A was exceptionally intelligent but student B ruined his career, Even though A didn’t try to show the answer script, B tried to see, not only ruining his career but of A’s too.

When will we Educated Illiterates understand that by just copying answers we won’t become intelligent overnight!!!. When you try to copy answers for the concept that you are unaware of you are just fooling your soul and pampering your heart with the feel of getting good grades. 

If a person is well aware of the concept and copies answer of the same, it’s quite understandable because in worse case scenarios he can explain the concept in order to get marks but copying the content you aren’t even aware of is exceptionality of your foolishness. It’s just like an Engineer doing a knee surgery whereas a Doctor coding an AI algorithm.


Knowledge persists, Marks doesn’t. You might be knowledgeable but it might happen that you don’t get marks because of your presentation but the other way round doesn’t happen.


“Change yourself and then only can you expect a change in this EDUCATION SYSTEM!!”



PS: I would be damn happy if at least one person changes his/her attitude after reading my take on this uncanny way of getting grades.




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