The Game Of Emotions

She asked him to do a PDA(Public Displays of Affection) for her,

He was too shy to even open the front camera in his mobile,

She demanded attention,

He didn’t have time to take care of himself either,

Notification now no more had to be expanded,

The so-called “They” were now interpreted by him in a different way,

Where 4 consecutive texts meant “Something wrong” for him,

And 2 consecutive texts meant “Baby, I love you”,

Running through a forest,

Where there was a fire,

A fire which roasted them both,

Mentally tortured them,

Is this LOVE?

Clenching one into your fist!

Tightening your so-called “caring” attitude around him/her,

Enforcing your love, 

And later you tear apart,

You try to make each other feel uncomfortable,

Because you left each other, you don’t want to see the so-called “Us” again,

And you call yourselves mature,

Mature to handle Love!!

Where you behave just like a kindergarten kid,

Running around the same forest again,

For some other PREY to HUNT for,

You Moderate your PREDATORY skills according to your PREY,

Is this LOVE??


Image Source: Quote Pixel



PS: Glad that I never explored such forest, Because I believe that forest is not always playful, whereas a zoo/sanctuary is.






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