My Last Note

I am writing it,

With my own words, framing my own phrases,

I rest my pen on the book,

Full of experiences which people term as “words”,

Is it just a psychological process??

That I’ve penned down my words,

Framed them into a story,

Knit them together to please the heart of yours,

Or is it a fact, an Untold one,

Am I losing myself over my depressed soul,

Where I guess, I am just a medium,

An untold story,

An unsolved puzzle,

A medium in another dimension which yet needs to be discovered,

Which yet needs to be explored,

Why are my good deeds forbidden?

Forbidden from this world,

The so-called “world” which believes that the emotions are told,

Not felt!!

I still am figuring out,

What if this “human race”, in which we all are mere participants,

Comes to an End,

An inevitable end,

Hereby, I lay my last note,

Surprisingly writing it,

With sheer blank thoughts,

I wrote my own masterpiece in a disguise!!




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