A Table For “One”

Her eyes read mine,

Was it so easy?

Or am I an open book,

“Lot’s of love” The text read

“Loads of lies” My eyes read,

Never was this gonna be easy,

I wasn’t able to get down on my knees,

To propose her,

I don’t know how people do it so easily,

It’s a war,

A war in which your emotions are your enemy,

Enemy who used to spy on you,

Yes, they did!!!!

Now they know your weakness,

But wait!!!

Will they kill you,

NO…. They are gonna torture you,

They are gonna let you drown in yourself,

Your weakness, your emotions, everything is theirs,

Now you are just a puppet with a broken thread,

Threads which are meant to be the strongest knot,

Now are just used to control,


Finally, I land in a restaurant

I see happy couples all around,

Few with a fake smile, 

Few with the same smile for years,

Is this what defines to be in a relationship Vs getting married,

The smile persists, The natural one,

If you find that one perfect person always dreamed about,

Till then,

I sign off with a tissue paper full of poetry,

With a smile on my face, fortunately, a natural one,

I tell the waiter ” A Table For One”!!





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