The Portrayal

The cold breeze during a humid night,

A beautiful essence of hers in mine,

I can feel it, I can hear her,

I can sense her presence,

The essence of the first rain after a long summer,

With a wide smile over her face, 

Trying to hide all her scars,

The scars that let her come to me,

The scars which made her recognize her mistake,

Now tell a different story, 

A story of love,

It wasn’t easy for her to choose me over him,

The society was always ready to give her tags,

But I am the one who knows that tags were worthless,

They just define the price,

For me, the tags on her don’t matter,

Because her smile is always priceless,

Her innocence made each and every “0”(false) a “1”(truth),

She made me learn “How to love”,

And now it was time for me to portray her.

“The Portrayal”



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