Could You Be More Beautiful?

Running through my world, I encountered plethora of emotions,

Few trying to be as real as possible,

Waving to “n” number of people,

She stood there with no one to surprise her,

Vanishing in a world full of chaotic agreements,

She made a promise,

A promise which she had to abide by,

But Is the world so perfect?

Is it really flawless?

Or does it hide everything to just show you a face,

A face which turns out to be the worst phase…

Maybe she wasn’t the only one in this world,

In this disheartened world,

Everyone had flaw, she too did,

But is it so uncomplicated to play with someone’s flaw!!

Yes, his flaw was falling in love,

And loving her the most,

But flaws are beautiful, aren’t they??

Standing opposite to the mirror,

He asked himself “Could you be more beautiful??”





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