Will You Fall For Me – 2

It all started when he asked Will you fall for me

2 Years Ago:

“I don’t know how to ex…press, I mean I feel very shy….” He confessed with a choking tone.

“Your cheeks turn red when you do” she replied while pulling his cheeks

And this is how it started for him, a very well-managed, planned and confident person babbled before her, vomiting his feelings out, he quickly stepped back and sat in his car, loosening the knot of his tie, he whispered to himself “I don’t know when I will find a girl who will understand me”….

Whilst his driver telling himself ” I don’t know when the backseat will be occupied by ma’am”.

“There’s a lot of time for it Bahadur(his driver’s name)” he added with a smile

“What type of girl are you looking for sahib?” asked the driver

To which he just smiled and started glaring his phone screen, He always dreamt of a girl, who could take away his shyness, with whom he would feel very relaxed but every time he met one, it was always like an interview for him, the girl would question, and he would answer, but never did he find any girl glancing out of her phone screen and asking him “Can we go for a ride, to some place where there would be just you and me?”

“Why would you always keep your mobile in car, sahib, when you go to meet a girl?” asked the driver.

He responded back with a smile saying

“Waqt mei hai kuch esa nasha,…..waqt mei hai kuch esa nasha,…
ham toh unke saamne tehre the, par unko toh ham nazar hi nahi aaye,
aankhein toh unhone bhi nahi hataye uss 5.5 inch ki screen se……
aankhein toh unhone bhi nahi hataye uss 5.5 inch ki screen se……..
lekin ham toh unhe hi dekhte reh gaye, kya ese kabhi pyaar ho sakta hai bhala,
ham toh wahi tehre the….par unko nazar nahi aaye


The intoxicating moment, this exhilarating juncture,

Looking at her serene face I lost myself, oh but I was there, though unseen from her eyes like I was Nonextant.

Her eyes so deep buried in that screen, obscuring the world around her.she was there but wasn’t present,

And mine eyes were absorbed in her captivating angelic face, Is this love? Does love happen at this pace like the way my heart beats race.

I was stuck in her, then and there at that enchanting moment, oh but she didn’t see,
She didn’t see like I was no longer in existence.”

Translation by: The Lost Soul

To which the driver responded “aap ek paheli ho sahib” (You are like a puzzle, sir)

And there he sat inside his car, dreaming and lost in his own world when he heard a knock on his window(not everyone can dare to knock on the window of a Toyota Land Cruiser), he rolled down his window and there she was……..the girl he was always dreaming about, She rode a Royal Enfield Bullet, and just exclaimed “Sorry!!”, he was so lost that he didn’t observe his driver getting down and scanning the car’s door for a scratch, the driver asked him to come out, maintaining his composure, he came out, and greeted her with a warm handshake and he trying to say “Hi” didn’t choke this time… hearing which the driver was shocked. For the first time, he didn’t choke before a girl.

Parking the car, the driver already had a plan with him,

He told him “sahib, I need to go, drop my kids to school, will take car with me and park at residence”

To which he didn’t respond and both exchanged a simple smile.

Toh ab ghar kaise jaoge?” (How will you go home) She asked,

Hi” He replied, he lost himself in that time frame where he greeted her,

“I am Aditi” She replied

“I am ….., I forgot my name, sorry” he opened his wallet and saw his visiting card, which read,

Dr Kabir Kumar,
PhD (Psychology & Human behaviour), Canada.

“Hi, Kabir, for the first time I am seeing a doctor who forgot his name” she added with a smile on her face,

“Oh, it doesn’t happen, but……I want to ask you something” he replied

“Sure, ask” with a smile on her face she replied

“Would you mind, if I ride your bullet till the end of the street? I too own one, but didn’t ride it since a long time”

“Not at all until and unless you let me know who you are by the time you reach the end of the street, will you?” she asked him

With a wide smile on his face, he jumped onto her bike, all dressed in a formal attire he gave the bullet a kick-start, hard enough that the whole bike shook and she held his blazer tight.

and then it had started, the journey which had to end by the “end of the street” now took a U-turn and completed 7 rounds around the fire with both souls merging into one.

Hence, the driver now got zero seats occupied as both would go on the bike, wandering and discovering new places, where he leaned on her back while she was driving and the never-ending love was re-discovered in the human history.

P.S. Both never took their smartphones on their ride 😛

Royal Enfiled 350cc

(Image source: Phone camera)




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