One Last Time

“Hey, pack your bags, We are going to leave tonight!!” – Dad exclaimed out of excitement.

“Where are we going, dad?” – still lying on my bed, it was early morning 4 am. I knew that my dad didn’t understand the difference between A.M(ante meridiem) and P.M(post meridiem), But it had been a week or so and we two didn’t go on a trip, so blindly I replied with a big “YES”.

“Dad, can I drive?”- I asked with utmost innocence on my face, and he replies straight with a “No” within a split second. That day, I learned many life lessons during that 5-hour long journey. 

“We all don’t get time for one another and people say that this is a pretty small world, we won’t regret anything son until we face the same situation, few people understand with an example whereas others become the example for the few people.

Life is like a Moto-GP race where you have to take a turn at one particular inclination and perfect angle to avoid an accident and to avoid disqualification. You might win the race but never dance or celebrate before you receive the trophy! Life is very unpredictable Kalyan, you might win or you may lose, but always remember to give your 200% every single time. You might not understand whatever I am teaching you right now, but you will when you would grow, old enough to understand. 

Life doesn’t honour people who take it for granted, it honours those who work hard enough to survive a day. It’s not a match with a totally different opponent, it’s a match that we play with ourselves featuring as an opponent, the only condition is we evolve every single second to a bigger and a better person, and we have to win the fight with ourselves. Only then can we overcome the fear within.”

And then the silence continued, with him turning off the car engine, and relaxing back, he asked me “One last time, can we go back on that merry-go-round ride?”….

The day a parent turned into a kid and a kid turned into a mature adult, and the day the adventure trip ended happily with 3 trips to the merry-go-round.




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