Time Lapse

I called him this afternoon,
A very familiar number,
A number which lies on the tip of my tongue,
Dialing it did I never felt scared like others do,
Except for that one day,
I heard
“The number you are calling is busy, please call again later”

Introspecting the situation,
Why was HE busy to lift my call,
He never ignored my call,
Why did he today?

His wallet, his watch, his spectacles,
His everything came home…except him,
The number is still on the tip of my tongue,
But I cannot dial it anymore,
My hands shivering,
My fingers refusing to dial it again,
My brain going NUMB,
Was I becoming Dumb,
As they say,
Calling a never reciprocating number,

They say “Time is a measure”
For me, it was the measure of pain,
Which will persist,
Until I receive a response from that number,
Which doesn’t reside in my phonebook,
Because it does…..In my heart!!




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