Let Me

The day had started,

When he slept early morning 12:30 am,

He was sensing that something bad was gonna happen,

He wasn’t able to concentrate on his sleep,

He was mapping his bed and gazing at the clock…

And for the first time, he felt a little unfamiliar with it,

Calming himself, trying to gain control over his heartbeat,

He received a call, a call which instructed him to come to hospital ASAP,

He was numb, he feared the outcome already,

Sensing that things are going wrong, he entered the elevator in hospital,

When he saw his mom and brother entering the lift with a body on a stretcher, 

Wrapped in a white cloth, tied to the stretcher,

He tried to turn back and look at that lifeless body,

The person who scolded him and taught him the right way of doing things,

Who proudly went to parents-teachers meet,

So that he could walk with his head high, 

Because his son was an idol, he was the perfectionist,

He used to teach him math,

Now he is very poor at it because no one else could continue the chapter which he left,

And went forever and ever,

Crying his heart out,

The son’s heart collapsed whenever he saw a son and a father duo,

Running in rain, when each of his friend’s father came to pick them up,

He was the only one running in rain,

With Tears rolling down his cheeks

Every pain inside him came to a rest,

When the son held the log of wood,

And told his brother “LET ME“!!!!! 






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