I am glad you didn’t judge me,

The way I look, the way I talk, just the way others did,

I am glad you gave me the love I was seeking,

The love I could see in those eyes of yours bleaming….

I am glad you didn’t judge me on the pressure I could handle,

Because you were always there to kindle,

Was it all about how I pampered your emotions,

Or you did me to sleep,

That one night’s sleep which woke me up forever,

I saw decades passing by in those 4 hrs of sleep with you,

Lying near your bed, 

I could hear your heartthrob,

Which grew thinner and thinner,

I was staring at the electrocardiograph,

I could feel your pulse better than any machine,

Maybe I made a mistake,

By promising you that I would be with you forever,

Maybe its the time, When I have to break my promise,

I have to leave you,

To see you again,

Because kids are waiting for their dad to come,

And take them to mom,

But this time, 

I would be taking you to them,

But for your sleep, our car wouldn’t be sufficient,

You need to lay down,

And recollect all your memories,


With your eyes closed and,

warm sheet wrapped around your cold body.





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