The Transition

They said Men don’t cry,

Maybe GOD didn’t put emotions in them,

Maybe their eyes are meant to see,

Not to cry,

Like other humans do!!

When 4-year-old Iqbal fell from his cycle,

His body kissed the ground,

The impact made him quiet more than before,

And tears falling from his eyes,

His mom told him,

Beta, boy’s don’t cry”

If tears were something that could be controlled,

And held over,

The world would not see,

Rivers of dismay and sorrows,

He suppressed his tears,

The moisture on his cheeks dried,

And so was his sensitivity

He didn’t know whom to blame,

His Mom who told him a logically false statement,


The Society which stepped on the teardrops of his,

Turned him into an emotionless,

And an inhumane human being

Tired, he tried to fit in every role,

From a boyfriend to husband to a father,

And finally a SON!!!





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  1. Males are supposed to be strong 💪, but expressing the inner emotions isn’t a sign of weakness though. Tears could be out of joy too. Once Vladimir Putin cried (out of patriotism) while the Russian national anthem was being played, and guess what he said? “It was just because of the cold wind.”

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