The Geek

The time I shed tears,

Wasn’t when I was misunderstood by people,

However, it wasn’t the only time when I was misunderstood by them,

I got a tag on myself, I used to see people,

Through that small hole on that tag,

I was tagged “Geek” by them!!

But why that word for me??

I never understood, And I will never ever understand,

Geek is a socially inept person……they say,

But they forgot I lead the team, I am their representative,

I do conversate with people of all ages, 

But people who tag me as “Geek” are unfortunately blind!!

Why do they think that I am unfashionable,

Well, it takes time for one to find a fashion that suits him/her,

Rather than just following a fashion of someone else!!

It’s better to be a shy person rather being a bully,


The other way round??

Why is it that GEEK for me means,

“Someone who develops interest and does research”,

Whereas for other’s it just stands as “socially inept person”,

I don’t understand why people don’t understand,

That even a coconut has two faces…….

I love to lie on the sofa,

And browse knowledgable things for hours,

But I am way too lazy to hang out with friends,

Is this called being an Introvert??

I pity those, 

Who think that geek means “an unfashionable or socially inept person.”,

Whereas it actually means “engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.”

Well, whom am I arguing with,

The society which tags us,

Like items in a store,

People who tag us don’t have a tag,

Because they don’t have any value on them,


Do they??


Lot’s of Love,
One of your tagged person.



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