Thoughtful Bounds

Why do you always need to carry books,

When experiences make you learn many things,

That books didn’t,

Books made you learn many things,

But education system fenced your imagination,

Whenever newly born tries to take the first step,

He is accompanied by his parents,

But he isn’t forced to go back into his cradle

Why suppress your thoughts,

When there’s a lot of oppression by the traditional thinking,

Why bound yourself with the walls created by an outdated education system,

When you can break them with your thoughts,

Thoughts which proved that Earth wasn’t flat,

Thoughts which proved that man can step on the moon’s surface,

Thoughts which broke stereotypes,

And we got the first women astronaut Kalpana Chawla

Who explored the SPACE,

The so-called SPACE which wasn’t limited to dimensions of a room,

When will we understand that boundaries exist,

So that we shall not opt the wrong path,

But we created boundaries to suppress each other,

So as to become top-notch

My friend told me “You need to have boundaries so that you won’t commit any mistake”,

But boundaries aren’t capable of limiting crimes,

Are they????

If they would be, then we wouldn’t be observing so many crimes,

Well, it all starts with education system, 

And the environment we reside,

Do we need to think outside the box,

Or do we need to think that there isn’t any box?????

It’s all about those thoughtful bounds,

Thoughtful bounds that we need to think about!!





4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Bounds

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    1. Exactly!!, that relates to the “illuminati” concept, where the people at top of the power pyramid, aren’t in need of peers, they want servants and lower level people who could serve them well, but can never occupy or participate at their level.


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