Dramatically Dramatic

“Get ready, they are about to arrive,” her mom told her,

“But mom, I am not ready,  I want time” she replied,

“You have been given 3 years of time after your graduation already,” her mom said,

“Is it all about getting married?

Did we just forget that marriage is something,

Which doesn’t only mean tying a thread around her neck,

Or making him wear that wedding ring……sadly unwantedly” – she replied

“Since you are done with your hour-long speech, come downstairs whenever you are ready” saying this her mom left the room with a typical expression of anger and sarcasm.

Tired and exhausted she sat down before the mirror and started talking to herself that why her mom won’t understand her feelings and pushes her to marry a completely unknown person from a completely unknown background, Why does she want to do the same with her daughter what her mom did to her?

And that was the time she lost her patience, and she went downstairs with her hair open, and her kajal(eyeliner) spread all over her cheeks because of the tears, and to her surprise, the groom was already seated there chit-chatting with her father, he saw her and called “bhai, bhabhi aa gayi hai”. (brother, your to-be wife has arrived).

She was shocked to see the person in a blazer, 6 feet perfect complexion, and a great physique, he said “smudge-less eyeliners are a myth”, and gave a smile, to which she smiled back.

While the talks between them were going on, her mom and dad were complimenting them with a traditional dialogue “how cute this couple looks”, to which the boy replied “I won’t marry your daughter until she says yes“, shocked by his words, she turned towards her parents, who that time having an expressionless face couldn’t reply to him.

Why can’t a mom understand her daughter’s choice when it comes to marriage?

Why isn’t a guy asked whether he really wants to get married?

Why can’t a mom think that what her mom did to her,

Shouldn’t be done to her daughter by her,

Are we lacking intelligence,

Or are we lacking emotions,

Or Both?

Why throw a girl or a boy in a bonfire of marriage,

If the concept was all about taking 7 rounds,

Why should their life be a merry-go-round,

A merry-go-round whose in-charge are their parents,

Parents who used to understand each of their wants,

Now want to impose their wants on them,

Well, we all know where it leads to,

Why can’t we understand,

That until and unless we love a person, we cannot marry,

Else it would be a deal, not a relation!!

And then the groom left with the same dramatic smile on his face.



Topic Courtesy: M.Rachana Reddy









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