A Portrait

Oh, come on….Not again,

I’m just a portrait,

Occupying some space, 

Seeking a bit of attention,

Stop judging me for God’s sake,

I ain’t-a human to be judged,

I am a mixture of few pastels and watercolor,

Don’t differentiate me on the basis of my appearance,

I am just a painting trying to entertain your brain,

Oh, sorry did I forget that now you started judging humans,

By their paintings or sketches,

Well, hanging on the wall,

I see those gleaming eyes staring at me for hours,

Trying to buy me, 

Those people who already bought animate things,

Are now interested in inanimate things,

It surprises me, how often do humans bid on their life,

Just to let their guests feel jealous about them,

Hence leaving my net value to 0,

They are no more adoring my beauty,

Because they find new one daily,

Maybe it was never about the paintings,

It was about the humans buying humans,

Selling their self-respect,

I wonder how they looked at me with such graceful eyes,

I wonder what if humans hear me talking,

I cannot succumb to the torture if I fall in their hands,

It’s better to bid goodbye,

A Portrait






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