Basically, An Introvert

Dear Extrovert,

Yes, we do exist, we do share our world with 7.2 billion others,
The only difference is our world”,
Is not same as your’s,
Well, the difference between our world and your world
Was generated by some extrovert who was just jealous of our achievements,
Who wanted to partition us from you on the basis of socializing skill,

But wait did we just forget what is meant by INTROVERT,
Introvert doesn’t stand for socially awkward,
 However, GOOGLE’s dictionary narrated a different meaning,
When asked what is meant by introvert,
Humans exist so does misconception!!

“We love to read books, we are lazy” are the two biggest lies ever told,
Not every introvert’s friend is a book, we have friends too(in humans),
But we prefer to talk with few,
We analyze, we relate, we understand, and we decide,

Are we so lazy that we complete a task before the deadline?
Jokes on you Mr/Mrs. Armchair Critic

When you put us in a group,
We believe speaking a lot or being a blabbermouth,
Doesn’t provide you with a solution,
Rather sitting quiet and concluding a new idea from a talk,
Does provide you with one.

We don’t talk much because we feel shy,
Because we don’t want to impose our feelings onto someone,
Because we believe in empathizing.
We being silent, means we are processing,

We may not call or text each one of you,
Because we already read them and we frame their replies in our mind,
Being shy doesn’t mean that we don’t like to talk,
Oh c’mon, we are given a tongue not only to eat but to talk too!! 

When you see so many people getting lost in the dark world,
Full of malpractices,
We are lost in our world of fantasy, 
And waking up when we hear “Food is ready”.

Life is real gold if you have an introvert as your friend,

Lot’s of love,
The one among the 7.2 billion






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