A Complex Algorithm-2

Well, let’s recollect the first part of the complex algorithm!

adjective: complex
  1. 1.
    consisting of many different and connected parts.
    “a complex network of water channels”
    synonyms: compoundcomposite, compounded, multiplex

    “a complex structure”
    • not easy to analyse or understand; complicated or intricate.

So, is life really so complex and difficult to understand?

Well, there’s no perfect answer for this question as an individual can frame hundred’s and thousand’s of answers from this one question, so let me guide you to frame a perfect answer for this question.

Suppose you encountered something really bad today, you broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, sounds very sad, isn’t it?. But on the other hand, your best-friend lost his family member, which situation is worse?  the first one or the second one?

But wait, you cannot come to a conclusion until I provide you with the third case!

After doing 7 months of research and working with 3 different individuals who were my case studies, I came to an understanding that life is all about how we frame incidents in our brain, and how those frames appear to our heart. Emotions are a part of our life, which make sure that we still exist as a human being, and we don’t turn into an emotionless being.

Is it so complex to understand our friends, Maybe it’s not. It’s all about how we interpret situations, and by interpreting, I mean in how many ways we are able to approach a situation in an emotional state.

Well, we always tend to forget that even a small gift or a small greeting card made by those little cute hands of kid can leave a wide smile on our face which we adults can never get from one another, because we try to process things in hundred ways in 5-10 minutes of time span, whereas kids come to the same conclusion in a split second.

Well, let’s just rejoice life by framing those happy moments that we encountered, and trash the remaining sad moments that we experienced, and let’s make sure we learn from our past, and build a better future for us and set an example about how awesome the human race is.

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