I am sorry for the times,

I had to hold your hand,

But I left you with a pair of two other hands.

I am sorry for the times,

When I had to attend parent-teacher meeting,

But I just remember,

The excitement I saw on the face of my son.

I am sorry, that I wasn’t able to attend

My daughter’s very first birthday.

I forgot how my son and daughter sound,

I just have their picture with me,

But they used to say

” A picture speaks a lot more than words”

And, now I’m finding,

Those sayings were mere words!!

I am sorry that I cannot stop sending the letters,

with my daughter’s favorite chocolate ECLAIRS in it,

I was on the road,

and you had to walk alone, I am sorry for the wrong things I have done

I am sorry for the wrong things I have done.

Wrapped in a tri-colored flag,

I come back home,

This time how can I tell my kids,

That I cannot play that statue game with them,

Because I became a statue forever,

Motionless Restless Soul of mine,

Now no more can buy you an ECLAIR!!





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  1. Servicepersons should be placed and regarded in ranks higher than any politician. The parasitic social class of criminals dressed in nice suits, needs to be brought down to their knees. A modern day Robin Hood is greatly anticipated…

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