The Autocorrect

How can I type the same,

What if she doesn’t reply,

What if she turns her “yes” into a “no”, when she opens my text,

What if I meet her at the corner of the road,

How will she react to it,

Will she act in a weird manner, or will she hug me,

How can I tell her that she is the same old flame to me,

It’s just that things had to change,

Like never ever can a candle be burning forever,

Even it needs a new life, a reincarnation!

Who am I to put myself in your shoes,

Though I forgot, how could I even fit,

How can I bear the same problems as you did,

Am I even up to your expectations?

Or was I just a bad day when you lost your NETFLIX subscription,

And you didn’t have anything to do!!

Maybe, you deserve someone better,

One who doesn’t understand your feeling’s,

Because I did,

I did a lot of homework to understand you,

But I forgot that I already crossed the deadline of submission!!

How can I type the same…

What if she doesn’t reply???




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