The Story Of My Life

His dad asked him one fine day when he was playing with his remote control car,
“Whom do you like the most, Mom or Dad?”
His innocent face had a cute smile on it and his answer was just silence.

Dad and Mom laughed a lot, seeing the expression on his face like he didn’t know what MOM and DAD meant in his world, little did they know that angels aren’t called by any name in his world, for him they just existed so that they can protect him from the negativity and the outside world which just wanted to engulf one of his parents. When he used to go to school with a stone face, his parents used to cry as his mother gave birth to a child who was very good at controlling emotions but his parents weren’t.

He grew up, brought reputation to his parents, now wherever his parents went, they were greeted with warmth because of the deeds of their beloved child. He was very calculated, few mistakes, few words, few emotions but a lot of meaning behind each and every action he performed. No one had ever dared to even speak to his parents with a higher pitch because they knew that the foreground play wasn’t permanent, the actual game would be played in the background with utmost intelligence.

Slowly as the time passed by, so did the person who taught him how to walk. When he was 2 years old, he wasn’t able to walk, but one day while his dad was reading the newspaper, a face appeared before him, making a hole in the center, it was him, the notorious guy who ran across 2 rooms like Hussain Bolt and tore his dad’s newspaper making himself appear in the headlines.

How can his dad forget the times when his child used to act as if he was sleeping because no one bought him his birthday present, when dad came to him and asked him “Why are you sad” he used to see in the opposite direction to his dad’s face and answer “Nothing”, He was too young to know that his dad bought him a GREEN color Remote Control CAR. His dad didn’t give it to him because he knew that his child was so intelligent that he would get fever the other morning to avoid school and play with that car at home. As the famous saying “Like FATHER like SON”.

Time was flying by, but the son remained the same, innocent and kind-hearted. As his father grew old, the son understood his responsibility, but he was too young to take it. Little did he know that now the 15-Year-old boy had the responsibility on his shoulders which slipped from his fathers!

The time had come when one hand left him and the other grew too weak to hold him on, so he decided to lead a life which would make that one hand grow stronger so that no one ever could mess with that one person who resided in his heart. Life was all about losing people, was his definition…..which was about to get changed.

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