The Payment

He realized that money was not everything until he made that payment that day, He drove his Bentley across the corner of the street to meet a person whom he used to buy flowers regularly from. The owner was a florist too, so she once went to his wedding and decorated flowers over there. They shared a special bond between them that couldn’t be described in words. As he switched OFF the engine, he could hear a melodious song being played in the background by Victoria Vintage record player.

7 Years Ago

He was a successful entrepreneur lost in his world of success where he forgot the only thing that success could never bring to him, it was his family’s affection that got dimmed in the light of a word “MONEY”. He just dreamed of lots and lots of money so that he could make everyone happy but he forgot that the money couldn’t buy the affection of his family, he was losing his time in those board meetings when he should have spent the time with his family which was there waiting for him with a gleam in their eye, but it somehow faded before those bright presentations in the dark room full of dismay’s and dissatisfaction.

He went home tired, opened his laptop which had the same wallpaper since he graduated, the wallpaper had he and his mom happily smiling, little did he know that wallpapers weren’t dynamic, else the smile would have faded. His eyes refused to move from the 15 inches screen, and his mom refused to move until he completed his lunch, the anger within him won the battle against his mom, he threw the glass away with so much of anger that when it hit the floor, his mom’s heart broke and the glass was intact, money brought him quality of products but he lost himself in the eyes of his mother.

Finally, he realized the mistake he made that day when he did the payment to a florist who was none other than his mom, who left him, to her dismay, she gave birth to a cash counting machine, but not a human. He paid the tax on the decoration she did, but he couldn’t repay the debt.

He arrived in a luxurious car but he ended up with tears on those British leather seat cover which for him now was much more craggy than the naked floor he used to sleep and dream about him becoming a millionaire one day.






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