The 3 a.m Concept

So let me explain a cute little concept to you via an example, There are two different types of cake kept before you, and you are given an option to choose one, out of which one you already familiar with(in terms of taste) whereas the other one you are not familiar with. So what are you gonna choose?

brownie-dessert-cake-sweet-45202            pexels-photo-461295

You might be a person who will choose the flavor that you had tasted before hence satisfying yourself rather than experimenting on a new one. According to my study, I categorize these people as OCER i.e One Choice Expected Results type.Let’s call these type of people as TYPE-1

Whereas the other ones are quite opposite, they love to experiment and go on adding things to their lists, hence exploring various types of options, let’s tag them as TYPE-2.

Psychology can be considered as a study of how a human brain works, but let me explain it to you in a simpler way, the above condition where you were asked to select one among the two cakes, determines a lot about your decision-making skills.

Suppose you found yourself to be a TYPE-1 kind of person then you are highly good at avoiding risks by taking familiar type of decisions that you earlier made,and there’s a high success rate too, whereas if you are TYPE-2 kind of person, you love to take risks and you are good at managing things even if your decision makes situation go in vain.

Well, it was never about which type of person is better, TYPE-1 or TYPE-2, it is all about the situation when you need to switch dynamically between the two types.So, Psychology does help a person by making his life beautiful and by bringing peace to his mind. 

Just imagine a situation where you had to understand the feelings and the emotional situation of one of your friend. He/She might be going through a tough time, so you are gonna show sympathy towards him/her. But wait, what’s better SYMPATHY or EMPATHY??

While I was learning psychology(roughly since 3-4 years), I underwent many conditions where I learned a lot, not only from those printed words written on a log of wood but experiencing the real-life scenarios which left me awestruck. So, what are we lacking in this society? Etiquettes? Respect towards others?

The answer lies in the concept called “Psychology”, it might be a little misguiding to you, but just imagine, when you try to keep yourself in the same situation the opposite person is experiencing, then only one can understand what to do so as to reduce his/her suffering. This situation can also be tackled by “The Sampling Scenario”(in my terminology) which actually in simple words narrates a condensed result when you meet hundreds of people out of which nearly 5-6 people may conclude a similar answer. So by using this case, you can agree to a common decision when a group is questioned, hence reducing the misunderstanding between individuals.

So, let’s just end this brain consuming activity over here, and let’s make a world better place to live by learning few positive psychological tricks.

New Era of Positive Psychology

Thank You!





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